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We are a General Surgical practice with extensive experience built upon a long service in the public hospital system. We employ accurate diagnostic methods and advanced surgical techniques in our delivery of care. We believe in building a strong and honest relationship with our patients, understanding their concerns and needs in order to provide personalised and cost-effective care. Compassion and competence is at the heart of all we do.

Our Services

Thyroid Surgery

Surgery for the thyroid gland is generally indicated for benign or cancerous growths. The most common symptom is a painless lump in the front of the neck which may enlarge over time. Additional symptoms such as hoarseness, difficulty in swallowing or a rapid growth over a short period time are causes for concern. We provide on the spot ultrasound evaluation including a fine-needle biopsy so that a diagnosis may be obtained within the same consultation. If surgery is necessary, the options of open (aesthetically-created scar) or minimally-invasive (endoscopic or robotic) techniques will be discussed.

Head & Neck Surgery

Surgery for the Head & Neck region may be indicated for a wide range of problems arising from both inflammatory, hereditary and malignant causes. Symptoms may range from a mass(es) around the neck region to growths within the mouth, throat, cheek and ear regions. It is important to be certain that these are not cancerous growths. On the spot evaluation may include a diagnostic scan, a clinic scope procedure and biopsy. We work with a team of oncologists to provide extirpative surgery followed by adjuvant treatment.

Hernia Surgery

A hernia is an abnormal outpouching that is felt around the front of the abdomen or groin region. Surgery is indicated to prevent progression of the hernia with accompanying serious complications. This is often done laparoscopically (keyhole surgery) whereby a mesh is placed to seal the hernia orifice. Patients can expect a rapid return to work after this operation.


Colonoscopy & Gastroscopy

Known simply as endoscopy, these procedures enable a visual evaluation of the mucosal lining of the stomach, colon and rectum. They can be done as part of a screening procedure in patients who are asymptomatic or as part of an evaluation for symptoms (unexplained weight loss, abdominal pain, recent change in bowel habit or blood in the stools). The procedures are done under moderate sedation so that the patient experiences minimal discomfort and are completed in approximately 15 minutes unless additional procedures are carried out. These may include removal of polyps or biopsies.


Cancer arising in the colon or rectum is one of the top cancers locally, equally affecting patients of both gender and increasingly, the young working population. Early detection and surgery to remove the cancer is key to a curative outcome. Laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery is generally indicated as it provides a faster and less painful recovery.

Abdominal Cancer Surgery

Abdominal cancer refers to a wide range of cancers arising from within the abdominal cavity. They can originate from the digestive tract (stomach, bowel, liver), gynaecological organs (uterus, ovaries and fallopian tube), urological organs (kidney and ureter) or other organs (eg muscles, fat). Unfortunately, these patients often present at a late stage when the tumour growth becomes symptomatic. We specialise in surgical oncology which is aimed at a comprehensive removal of the cancer in a multi-disciplinary setting followed by adjuvant treatment by our oncology colleagues.

" But finally, Healing... in spite of it all "

Dr Thomas WT Ho

MBBS(Sydney), MMed(Surg),
AFRCS(Ireland), FRCS(Edinburgh),
FAMS(General Surgery)

Senior Consultant General Surgeon
Accredited Surgical Oncologist

Dr Ho graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia and completed his General Surgical training in Singapore. In 2009 he was awarded a MOH scholarship and completed a Surgical Oncology Fellowship in Canada, becoming one of only a handful of surgeons in Singapore with this recognition.

Upon his return, Dr Ho founded the Head and Neck surgical service at Tan Tock Seng Hospital Department of Surgery. This service provided surgical treatment for thyroid, parathyroid, salivary gland as well as cancers in the mouth and neck regions. He is credited with performing the first endoscopic thyroid surgery as well as robotic thyroid surgery at the hospital.

Dr Ho also founded the Surgical Oncology service at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, focusing on treatment for advanced abdominal cancers arising from colorectal cancer, gynaecological cancer and soft tissue sarcoma. He is credited with performing the first cytoreductive surgery combined with heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy (CRS + HIPEC) for the treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis. To date, dozens of patients from TTSH have benefited from this specialised surgical treatment providing them with a prolonged survival from an otherwise dismal cancer prognosis.

Dr Ho routinely employs minimally-invasive surgical techniques such as laparoscopic and robotic surgery for conditions such as hernia repair, colorectal surgery, gallbladder surgery, removal of adrenal and spleen. He also performs diagnostic colonoscopy and gastroscopy.


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